• Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10, Vista, XP
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Type: Flight Tracker Status

Track Your Flights

Plan Your Trip

Flight Tracker Status is 100% free

Flight Tracker Status™ provides these features on your New Tab Page.

Track Your Flights & Prepare For Your Trip

Flight Tracker Status allows you to track your flights in real time as well as book hotels or reserve a rental car ahead of time from quick links provided from your New Tab Page.


100% Free and Easy to Use

Flight Tracker Status isn’t just convenient, 100% Free, and easy for anyone to use; it’s also incredibly easy for anyone to install whether they are an experienced PC user or not. There is no catch to using Flight Tracker Status, we don’t ask for any money or donations, there are no sudden pop ups, and with Flight Tracker Status's sleek and polished functionality you will hardly know it’s even there when you aren’t using it. As long as you have a browser open, Flight Tracker Status will be right there when you need it most and remember that it is 100% Free for anyone to download.